5 Things Not To Do When Selling Your Home

5 Things Not To Do When Selling Your Home

Over the years, selling real estate properties left successful stories behind. However, there are sometimes the difficulties when you want to sell your properties. Especially, when you a beginner in the field. Here we listed 5 things you better avoid when selling your home

  1. Unfixed Damage

In order to attract your potential client, you have to assure that everything goes well. Besides renovate, also pay attention to things inside your home like how electricity works, is the water and gas supply in a good condition, and something not working. It’s not acceptable for the home buyer to move in their new home, they found that the water supply is bad. They won’t respect you again.

  1. Not understand your home

Selling your property means you have to offer the value of it. It’s really forbidden for you to sell a home without recognizing them. You can offer well if you recognize the plus and minus of your home. How is the situation in your environment? Is it noisy? Or quiet? How was the neighbor? You also have to understand well about the situation and condition inside your homes like size, type, and the use of it. The better you answer and explain, bigger the chance they will buy the home.

  1. The home looks awful or not special

The first impression is really important. Nice looking home will bring more potential buyer than ordinary. The 

clients often come with high standard and criteria for their future home. However, they will be disappointed if their dream house looking not special at all; dirty, awful, and not neat. You can renovate your home to differentiate from the other. For example, use a bright color or design the room, renovate your swimming pool, etc. Just remember not to over renovate it.


  1. Obtrude to your clients

It’s normal if you, as a seller, overly thinking about the transaction. About how and when the transaction will begin, as soon as possible. However, maybe it is not a good deal to work and serve your clients like this. You have to know well how to build a good relation. You can offer your home but do not forget about their needs. The clients come to you with the criteria and it is your job to help them, although it means advising them to go back from the potential transaction with you. At that time! It is always good to build respect with clients. As in the future, they will come back to you and ask about your opinion. Maybe, with a real deal this time!

  1. Overly High Prices

Price is a sensitive thing when you selling a property. It’s normal if you hope for high profits. However, it’s not recommended to sell at high prices, over the average in the market. If you still do it, your clients will definitely run away, or the worst you will end up in a confrontational situation with your clients. Set a normal price, not too high and too low, so that it will be beneficial for both you and your clients.

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